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10 Best Employee Monitoring Software in 2019

Martin Stainer



If you are a business owner, productivity will be your number one priority. Each person who is involved has a key role to play in its development and success. Hence, making sure that your employees function efficiently and appropriately should be on top of your checklist. Monitoring what each employee does during their time manually is practically impossible especially for larger businesses with a higher number of employees.

Moreover, manually checking up on employees can damage their morale, which would lead to them not working sincerely. Thankfully a good employee monitoring software can solve these problems easily. We are going to look at some of the best employee monitoring software in 2019.

But first, let’s take a quick look at what employee monitoring is, and how it can help your business.

What Can Employee Monitoring Software Do For Your Business?

Here are some key benefits of employee monitoring software:

Complete Transparency

Although there are many ways to restrict employees from certain activities such as website access, they all have some sort of a workaround. Employee tracking software is essentially a computer monitoring software that monitors everything that happens on a computer. This ensures that there is complete transparency. It can also block websites from your employees which reduces the chance for malware infection.

Since you don’t have to directly intervene with an employee’s work, you can always keep an eye on them without affecting their morale.

Real-Time Monitoring

You can see exactly what’s happening on an employee’s computer in real-time making decision-making faster and easier. This saves you a lot of time and money, also eliminating the need for a dedicated person for the task such as a supervisor. All you need to do is use a cloud-based system that provides you access to the employee’s computer and you can make the desired changes remotely.

Increased Productivity

If you can know where time is wasted and what slows the work down, you can take necessary steps to rectify that, and therefore increase productivity. Employee monitoring software can monitor the time an employee spends on a website or a program. Using this data, the employer can give them the appropriate training or improve their software end.

Threat Detection

Letting your employees know that you trust them is very important to keep their morale up. But with that said, most security breaches are an inside job. And a single malware infection can cause all your hard work go down the drain. Hence, this makes employee monitoring the need of the hour.

Top Ten Employee Monitoring Software Comparison Table

City or TownTrial VersionPricingCloud SupportRemote Monitoring
TeramindYes$4.84 – $12.15YesYes
Veriato CerebralYesNAYesYes
VeriClockYes$5 per user(plus $10 monthly charge)YesYes
HubStaffYes$5 – $20YesYes
KickidlerYes$2.78 – $170YesYes
Network lookoutNostarts at$9.95YesYes
WorkpulsYes$6 – $57YesYes

1. Teramind

The first monitoring software on our list is Teramind. It comes with a ton of features suitable for large businesses. As a very powerful employee tracking software, it also has Data Loss Prevention (DPL). It is one of the more in-depth monitoring solutions which aims at productivity and data security.

teramind employee monitoring image-min

Teramind has an intelligent system that tracks employee behavior and creates automated responses. The forensics feature on the software collects evidence such as screen and audio recording whenever an employee does something risky. It monitors the time an employee stays idle. This can tell you when time is being wasted.

One of the most impressive features of the software is that it assigns a risk score to the employee depending on their activity. This means that the employer can take the necessary steps to overcome the possible risks the employee might pose to the company in the future, and protect themselves from legal complications.


User activity monitoring:

Teramind has a user activity monitoring system that monitors essential activities such as e-mails, computer applications, webpage access, keystrokes, file transfers, instant messaging, and clipboard (copy and paste). One feature which makes it even more impressive is its printing monitor. However, it must be noted that this often requires separate software.

Data Loss Prevention:

Teramind has built-in data loss prevention features, eliminating the need for a dedicated system for the same. It can enforce content-based and file operations-based rules which gives the employer a better level of control. It can also prevent malicious or negligent data exfiltration.

teramind dashboard image-min
User Behavior Analytics:

Teramind has an intelligent system that tracks employee activities and creates automated responses. It assigns a risk score to the employees depending on their behavior. The active vs idle tab shows the time an employee is active and the time they are idle which can show where and how much time is being wasted.

Audit and Forensics

This feature is a very useful one to have because of the level of safety it gives to the employer. It records user activity using screen and audio recording which can be crucial evidence in the case of a legal situation. In most cases, the company itself (and not the employees) is held responsible for anything malicious that happens on its network. In such cases the business owners need legitimate evidence to protect themselves from legal complications.


– In-depth  monitoring with lots of features

– Easy to use and setup

– Remote access with cloud

– Free cloud hosting


– Expensive


The only downside to this employee monitoring software is the pricing. The prices start at $4.86 for the starter pack and $12.14 for the fully-featured version per user per month. This makes it difficult to afford for smaller businesses.

2. Veriato Cerebral

Veriato Cerebral is a productivity-oriented employee tracking software that gives specialized services to businesses. It is packed full of features for small and large businesses alike. It provides all of the essential features such as monitoring website usage, social media, blocking websites and data security. Cerebralhighly emphasizes productivity and gives daily, weekly and monthly reports to the employer.

veriato cerebral-min

But wait, there’s more:

Its intelligent system detects suspicious activity and provides a screen recording feature that allows the employer to collect evidence in case of malpractice or negligence.


Online Activity Tracking:

One of the major ways employees waste their time during working hours is on social media websites. Therefore, Cerebral sends periodic reports to the employer so that the time wasted can be reduced. According to Vouchercloud in 2016, the time an average worker is productive in an 8-hour workday is 2 hours and 53 minutes. With these numbers, a system that tells an employer where the time is wasted is essential.

Moreover, many companies face risks because of employees visiting inappropriate websites and engaging in illicit activities using the company’s network. A good online activity tracker is an important tool to have to overcome this.

Monitor Remote Workers

Seeking flexibility and job satisfaction, more and more people are opting to work from home. It’s hard for companies to monitor their freelance workers who work remotely. Many of them use VPNs (Virtual Private Network) which makes tracking hard. Cerebral provides solutions to monitor the productivity of remote workers.

Printing and File transfer

For any company, data security is a top priority. Theft of sensitive information and important documents of a company is often an inside job. Cerebral provides tracking for document printing and data transfers made to storage devices such as USB flash drives.

Keyword and Event Alerting

Cerebral can be used to create customized alerts when keywords are typed. Some keywords may be specific to the company or a project. And some employees even spread hate speech and violence through the company’s network. Keyword alerts can tackle all of that and even prevent possible hacking.

veriato how it works schema-min


– Productivity oriented software

– Periodic activity reports

– Tracking remote workers

– Keyword alerts

– Real-time monitoring


– Price not disclosed


Unlike other products, Veriato does not release its pricing on its websites. They provide specialized services to every business, and the pricing would depend on that specific company, taking into account the number of employees, type of business and so on.

3. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a more affordable and simple product on the list. It has a good amount of customization options and is a perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Instead of providing several subscription options, ActiveTrak delivers all of its major features with a single subscription option, and a few options are available as paid addons.

activtrak dashboard screenshot-min

It also provides a free version, which has all of the basic features and is available without trial periods for 3 users.


Screenshot Flagging

Screenshot Flagging is a very useful function that can be used to filter NSFW(Not Safe For Work) content. It takes out the need for manually looking at each screenshot and filtering out inappropriate employee activity. Instead, the system analyzes each screenshot and categorizes them into 3, medical, violent and adult.

You can set additional filters to filter out screenshots based on date, user, website, application, computer, and description.

USB Tracking

You can track USB activities so that each file transferred is on the record. The system can be set to throw an alarm when a USB is plugged in or a file is being transferred. Instant notification is shown to the employer and also to the employee in case of restricted activity.

These activities are screen recorded so that everything has visual evidence.

activtrak overview image-min
Scheduled Monitoring

This feature makes sure that your reports are clean. Different companies have different working hours, and the same goes for employees. The monitoring can be scheduled for the employee’s work timing so that their privacy can be ensured off the clock. For example, the monitoring can start when the employee is on the clock and stopped during the lunch hours.


– Affordable solution

– Highly customizable

– Perfect for small businesses

– User-friendly Interface


– No cons


ActivTrak is one of the more affordable employee monitoring tools on the list. It costs $7.20 per user per month on an annual contract. A few extra paid addons are priced according to the type of business which is quoted separately.

4. Vericlock

Vericlock is an employee time tracking software that is limited to time tracking applications rather than full-fledged employee monitoring. It’s available as computer software and a smartphone app with much more emphasis on the go tracking. It’s useful for companies where employees do a lot of fieldwork and have to work on the go.


Punch Clock

With Vericlock you can punch -in from anywhere. You can use the Smartphone app or the web interface to punch in when you are working on the go. Another feature that is unique to Vericlock is the option to punch-in using SMS and Call function.

You can text or call from any phone to punch-in.

Automatic Signature Requests

If employees are required to sign off on their timesheet, automatic requests can be sent to the smartphone application and they can sign off from anywhere.

Customized time tracking

Some businesses require a more specialized approach for their time tracking. A generalized application might just not be enough. Vericlock creates customized versions of its applications for businesses according to their specific needs.


– Affordable solution

– Remote time tracking

– Smartphone application available

– GPS Geotagging


– Limited features

– Few employee monitoring tools available


Vericlock is one of the more affordable software solutions available out there. It charges only $5 per user and a  $10 per month account fee. But because it only provides a few features and not really any employee monitoring tools, whether that investment makes sense to you depend on the nature of your business.

5. HubStaff

Hubstaff is completely packed full of features. Whether you are a small business or a very large organization, Hubstaff has the tools to get things moving like clockwork. It has everything from employee monitoring to time tracking to invoicing which is not seen on many software out there.

The interface itself is very easy to use with all the necessary information within reach. On the dashboard, you can easily see which employees are doing well and which ones are not performing up to the mark. The productivity monitoring system shows you how an employee uses the time given to them for a project. It also provides data graphically to represent the employees’ productivity.


Productivity Monitoring

HubStaff has a real-time productivity monitor that shows you who is performing well and who is wasting time on the dashboard itself. Your team can work without any hassles while the software records data and delivers it to you seamlessly.

It screen captures employees randomly which you can schedule in intervals so that you don’t need to keep interrupting your employees for status updates on projects.

Automated Time Tracking with Geofencing

Monitoring when your employees arrive and leave is seamless with HubStaff’s time clock app. It has a GPS time tracking feature with geofencing which basically means that it automatically clocks in when the employees are at the workplace and clocks out when they are out. Employees can also clock in on the go using the app.

Hassle-free Payrolls

Pay rates can be set specifically for employees and payments can be initiated automatically for the pay period based on their working hours.

Shift Scheduling

Managing employee shifts can be made much easier with HubStaff. You can clearly see how many hours each employee has worked and schedule their shifts accordingly. Each employee can see when their shift ends and when the next shift is on the go using the app.


– Real-Time productivity monitoring

– GPS time tracking and Geofencing

– User-friendly interface

– All-in-one solution for businesses

– Detailed information on the company website


– Expensive


The pricing is perhaps the only con to the HubStaff software.  The pricing starts at $7 per user per month for the basic version and can go up to $40 for the fully-featured version making it not very affordable for small to medium-sized businesses.

6. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a software for small to medium-sized businesses with a lot of good features to monitor employees. It provides all of the essential features such as time-tracking, web and application usage, screenshots and productivity reports.


Clients Feature

This feature is not seen on other employee monitoring tools out there. Clients can see performance reports and screenshots of the tasks worked on for them. This way the company maintains transparency with the clients which builds trust.

Integration with Project Management Tools

This feature is perfect for companies that use project management and accounting tools such as, Trello, Teamwork, Quickbooks, Google apps and so on. Integration with other applications always makes the job easier and faster.

Off Track Reminders

The software gives reminders to the employees when they visit non-word related websites, keeping them in check.


– All of the essential features available

– Standardized pricing without hidden charges

– Integration with other apps

– Easy to use


– Not as feature-packed as some of the others


The pricing on Time Doctor us pretty simple, it charges $9.99 per user per month for the full version without any extra charges. Which suits both small and large businesses alike.

7.  Kickidler

Kickidler is an employee monitoring software that has a lot of great features with very competitive pricing. It provides monitoring solutions for a variety of industries. Not only can it monitor employees but it also has specialized features such as school classroom monitoring. It provides all of these features nearly compiled into a user-friendly interface.


Employee violations monitoring

Kickidler has a dedicated employee violations monitor that triggers notifications. When employees open restricted websites, applications or files. Once the filter is triggered the screen recording system records the evidence and adds it to the employee monitor histogram.

Classroom Computing Software

Kickidler’s online monitoring system is the perfect solution for monitoring students in a classroom. The violations filter will detect whether students are working on their projects or busy with other activities such as video games. The system can work with an unlimited number of computers which makes it perfect for schools and schools and other educational institutions.

Remote Computer Access

The Remote Computer Access system gives the employer an extra level of control. Apart from monitoring employees remotely, employers can access the employee’s computer, make changes and open files. The files can be edited remotely from anywhere making it easier for the employer to stay in the loop.


–       Competitive pricing suitable for different industries and needs

–       Remote computer access

–       Classroom computer monitoring supporting an unlimited number of computers

Needless to say, Kickidler has no Cons!


Kickidler is perhaps the most competitively priced screen monitoring software available. Prices start as low as $2.78 per month when you purchase for 3 years. Kickidler provides a lifetime purchase plan of $170 that gives you access to all the features without ever having to pay again, making it one of the most affordable employee monitoring solutions.

8. Network Lookout

Net Monitor is perhaps the most expensive employee tracking tool on this list. It the essential features such as internet blocking, screen recording, and remote desktop control. The interface of Net Monitor is a bit outdated in terms of design and the interface may not be very friendly for newer users.


Application and process management

Net Monitor provides an application similar to task manager which allows employers to terminate processes and applications on the employee’s computer.

Staff Monitoring Tools

Net Monitor’s staff monitoring tools allow the employer to take control of the employee’s PC. The employer can power on/off the employee’s computer, open applications, and webpages, and make changes to existing files.

File Manager

 The file manager applications allow the employer to send and receive files directly with the employee. The file transfer speeds can be altered to put less stress on the network.


–       Desktop sharing option

–       Messaging function for employees and employers to communicate

–       File transfer system to send and receive files


–       Outdated interface

–       Too expensive for the features provided


The pricing of Net Monitor seems too expensive for the features it provides. The prices start at $9.95 per month.

9. Workpuls


Trends Monitoring

Workpuls offers trends monitoring feature that monitors changes in employee and team productivity.  It helps the employer to establish specific causes for the changes and enhance future team performance.

Automated Project Tracking

The automated project tracking system automatically detects when an employee is working on a project or task. This eliminates the need to manually click the recording controls.

Payroll Calculator

The payroll calculator calculates payroll and invoicing according to the data collected by Workpuls. The employer can choose to pay the employee based on the time spent in the office or only for activities that are productive.


–       Competitive pricing compared to software providing similar features

–       Easy to use interface

–       Can be integrated with other applications for a seamless workflow


–       No cons


Workpuls is an affordable software solution when compared to other employee monitoring tools. Prices start at $6 per user per month and a yearly subscription of $57 per user.

10. InterGuard

InterGuard is one of the more in-depth employee monitoring solutions which can be used across multiple devices and platforms. It provides a competitively priced cloud-based system that eliminates the need for any hardware. InterGuard is the perfect solution for businesses with in house teams, and also for monitoring work-from-home employees.


Insider Threat Detection

InterGuard detects suspicious employee activity and alerts the employer. This provides protection from employee negligence and data exfiltration.

User Behavior Analytics

Changes in employee behavior can indicate a problem. InterGuard detects anomalies in employee behavior and provides reports which make it easy for employers to decide whether the change in behavior can be legitimately justified or not.

Alert Flagging System

The alert flagging system in InterGuard provides real-time updates in the dashboard itself each time. Moreover, the status of the alert is shown in colors making it easier for the employer to keep track of the employee activities.

DLP Detection

The DLP system notifies the employer when an employee uploads or shares sensitive information or files via email, cloud hosting websites and USB storage devices.


–       Intuitive monitoring tools.

–       Easy to use user interface

–       Competitive pricing


–       No cons


InterGuard is a very affordable solution for small and large businesses alike. The pricing starts at $9 per user per month for the cloud-based software. It also provides on-premise monitoring systems specifically designed according to your business.


Employee monitoring is an essential requirement whether you run a small-sized business or a large enterprise. As technology moves forward, more and more threats emerge. Which employee monitoring tool you need to be using would depend on what kind of business you run, what your budget is, and where you see your business in the long term.

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